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in residential rental units. >> this item is sponsored by me. this is the smoke free housing disclosure policy. it's a common sense measure for maximum notification of smoke free units in our multi unit buildings. so, colleagues, i'm asking for your support. i think this is important because it's bringing together not only tenant organizations but also the landlord organizations, the san francisco apartment association, with the mission sro collaborative which was the major impetus with other tenant organizations in supporting this to create stronger public health policies and to limit second hand smoke in multi unit buildings. the hazards as we said before of second hand smoke is well documented. there's no safe exposure level, it's cancer-causing, it's toxic, it leads to thousands and thousands of deaths each year and by limiting access to second hand smoke, it's protecting people's health. also, when people live in close proximity to units where there are smokers in apartment buildings or multi unit buildings, they are in danger of the smoke seeping into or kind of coming into their units
dwelling units. and it's based on the number of dwelling units provided within a project. >> so, i know the policies are sort of being written right now around land dedication. i'm excited to see this is the first project. so, how is it decided on the land dedication, the site that's chosen, x footage or x value? what kind of conceptual considerations are there? >> the planning code provides guidance basically for the space on the parcel of land that the development is being -- that basically based on the parcel of land that the new housing is being built on. and that guides how much square footage the new -- the dedicated land has to provide for the site. so, they're under a certain threshold. i think it's 35,000 square feet. -- of actual physical land. and, therefore, have to provide, i think, up to 35% of that within the new dedicated land. so, the new dedicated land meets the requirement, basically, of the code. >> okay. i think my concern -- i think probably when i trying to think through planning department staff was trying to think through this is there is not -- first of all, i'
before you is a conditional use authorization request for a planned urban planned unit development as well as a conditional use authorization request to allow development on a lot exceeding 10,000 square feet, to allow accessory off-street parking at a ratio above 5 parking spaces for each dwelling unit, to allow a building height exceeding 65 feet along street frontage on mission street, and to allow a former hadly retail use doing business as alamo direct house [speaker not understood]. modifications to the planning code requirements for rear yard, open space, dwelling unit exposure, street frontage and off-street freight loading. the project proposes to demolish existing story giant value store, subdivide the subject lot into two lots, construct an eight story mixed use building and rehabilitate the new mission theater which is landmark no. 245 as designated in article 10 of the san francisco planning code. the project were to construct an 8 story mixed use residential over ground floor commercial building with below grade parking garage. the project includes 114 new dwelling un
whole life. and, so, we really want to support the 46 units of 100 affordable housing for families making under 50,000 because it's the right thing to do, because developers owe that to our community. thank you. >> thank you. i'll call a couple more names. rita vinson, williams mcpen, and phil lesser. >>> good afternoon to the commission. my name is rita vinson and i am here on behalf of the mission hiring hall. impart of the program to call the construction admin training program and we just recently graduated and i'd like for my fellow classmates to please stand. we are the recent graduates of the training program for administrative -- for construction. and we are in support of this project because it will bring a lot of jobs to the community, which we trained hard to work in this field. we have accountants. we have project manager possibilitieses. we have future engineers that would really benefit from this project that will probably go on for more projects. * so, we would just like to say that we would like for you to go ahead and support this project that will allow people lik
of the affordable housing on shotwell street. no one has addressed the impact in the community of 42 units being built at 12 94 shotwell street. there is a high concentration of affordable housing in that area. * bernal housing project is located one block away from the proposed site of the construction of the affordable housing. we are asking this commission to consider deferring a vote on the approval of this project until the mission neighbors, particularly those that are living in -- on shotwell street, have a more definitive plan of what is being proposed there. mr. marquez, legal counsel for the developer, has talked about broad community support. i submit that he completely failed in his efforts to reach out to those residents on shotwell street, on folsom street, on south van ness and [speaker not understood] and lower bernal that will be impacted by construction of these units. we would like to know, what is affordable housing and what is being planned there? we want to -- we look forward to the development of the theater and the construction of the condominiums on mission street, but w
. [inaudible] there is a lot of sacred stuff going around in the republican party. they need to be more united and they are not. the american people elected the same people over and over and over. until that stops i don't know how americans are going to move forward. another comment i wanted to make too is that, talking about the left-wing media, that is correct. there is the hannity show -- it doesn't help. >> host: robert costa his comment that there is back and forth behind the scenes that we don't know but? >> guest: the 2012 election house republicans lost a lot of seats but there was no rebellion within the caucus in the internal leadership to break with cantor, boehner or mccarthy, the top three. the only real race he saw was for conference chairman cathy mcmorris-rodgers represented from washington who ran against tom price a representative from georgia for the number four spot. cathy mcmorris-rodgers beat out prices of former chairman of the republican study committee a conservative group in the house so you saw that level the fourth ranking level some fighting. boehner kantian mccart
and approved for a subdivision with 182 units to be built. it's a complicated project. it required a host of permits since 2005 all of which are now in place. it is has been a challenge to finance the project during the recession and financing stopped across the country. that situation is resolving itself and the project has a new sponsor and financing is in place and posed to start construction in the new few months pr this appeal is denied. the planning commission adopted this mitigation and conditional use permit in 2005 and update this in 2005. there was no appeal of the pud to the board. the appellants, the same group sued the city in 2005. the superior court upheld in 2006 and the board of appeals did the same in 2007. there was a tree removal permit issued and this board up leld that permit in 2007 and this city and the board was sued and the superior court denyd that writ and up held the permit. they have been diligent with the map and puc and relocation agreement with the arts commission and restore the statute at the site and install a traffic signal with mta and sidewal
working on this project on july of 2008. we had two, two-unit buildings proposed on this site and we met with the east slope design review board, the design review board, we did a number of meetings with them, initially before they even filed the building permit. after we filed the building permit we made modifications to the design and filed with the planning commission and we were asking for a parking variance so we could keep the square footage of the building so it could accommodate the two, two-unit buildings. we were asked at that meeting to avoid doing a variance and reduce the size of the building. we have gone from 4 units to 2 units and now it's single families, we have lost over 1700 square feet, we have gone through a number of meetings with neighborhood and all that discussing the facade and the bulk of the building. . >> so when were those meetings that you held with the neighborhood. >> initially on july 28, i actually have a chronology, i can share that with you. july 28 of 2008, we meet again on august 11 of 2008, we filed a building permit in december of 2009, then,
that the president of the united states is going to nominate a defense secretary who wants to go to war with iran, they've clearly not paid attention the last few years. the reality is to find someone who makes sure our national security is safe. and issues are protected but not simply someone who wants to rattle sabers and go to war. >> no one is saying go to war, but it's the worst negotiating technique in the world to take something completely off of the table and get nothing for it. basically, what you said to the country, whose president said they would like to write israel off the face of the map that we will not respond, we will not be aggressive. >> with all due respect, i don't want to sit there and listen to lecturing about national security from republicans and administration, the previous one that led us into two wars, including one we never had to fight. that being said, let's give chuck hagel his time and chance to defend himself and his case to why he should be secretary of defense. >> there are a lot of democrats who are not ready to support him. keep that in mind. >> i'm going to
on tackling gun violence in the united states. in a welcome message to his guests, biden vowed president obama would take meaningful action through executive order if need be. >> we are here today to deal with the problem that requires immediate action, urgent action. the president and i are determined to take action. this is not an exercise in a photo opportunity just ask you what your opinions are. we're reaching out to all parties on whatever side of this debate you fall. but the president is going to act. there are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. we have not decided what that is yet, that we are compiling it with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action we believe is required. >> vice president said to me today with representatives of the national rifle association as well as gun retailers, including walmart. new york governor andrew cuomo has unveiled what he's billed as the toughest gun control legislation in the country in the aftermath of last month's newtown massacre in neighboring connecticut. in an impas
of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands. indivisible, one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all. >> going to the next agenda item, are there any communications? >> the first is a communication from the director of the department of elections or to certifying the official election of the order supervisors. districts 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. and have been declared elected to that office. supervisor: mar, chiu, breed, campos, avalos. the second communication is a communication from the controller renewing the certification of the bond for the newly elected in the elected members of the board of supervisors. >> we will now proceed to the oath of office. >> i would like to welcome and introduce the honorable cynthia ming-mei lee, presiding judge, supuerior court of california. who will administer the oath of office to the following individuals: david campos eric mar john avaols myself mornam yee london breed. >> judge lee: good to be here. please come forward. would the supervisors being sworn in prer fer to stand? you all have to agree on. >> judge
the rallies. the united states criticized the chinese government over the alleged censorship. foreign ministry spokesperson hong lei told the country to mind its own business. >> translator: let me point out views and criticisms from overseas. other countries should not interfere with china's internal affairs. >> another newspaper is continuing to play a role in this censorship fight. the beijing news ran text of a speech by its publisher saying the daily will continue to faithfully record every page of china's history. >>> the united nations and arab league envoy to syria is la meanting what he calls a lost opportunity to end the civil war. lakdar brahimi has been trying to find a way to bring government and opposition leaders today. president bashar al assad has refused to negotiate. assad addressed his supporters on sunday. he proposed a new constitution and a national referendum to approve it. he branded his opponents puppets of the west. brahimi met with assad last month telling the bbc the president's proposals are no different from ones he's put forward before. >> i think that what peop
years and a federal prosecutor as united states attorney for four and a half years. the best laws on the books are dead letter unless enforced, so we need more resources. absolutely right. both at the state and federal level to enforce existing laws and if that executive action or order involves more resources or more vigorous enforcement of existing laws, improving that national database, the national enforcement criminal background system, all to the better. >> so, you're saying the executive order, that the president could do, could be you know, putting more people, more resources, more money into existing laws. he can do that via executive order? >> well, he may need an appropriation from congress for major amounts of money, but remember, we're not talking about huge amounts of funding. the national database appropriation last year was $5 million. that's million. not billion. $5 million, which is a drop in the bucket for the connecticut state budget, not to mention the national budget. but here's the main thing. i proposed a bill that would involve better enforcement of existi
on the border and inside the united states before other kinds of reforms can happen? i believe that what the administration has been trying to say for the last two years is we've done that. look at the number of people we deported, something like 400,000 people, which is more than any president ever has in the last, you know, in all of history. the border is looking much better. i've been down, i've looked at it, it's looking better, but there are still problems. the question is, is it ok? that's going to be -- there's going to be competing versions of that no matter what happens. host: here are some of those numbers. on u.s. immigrant deportations, you can see the total so far during the obama administration, 1.5 million. for the entirity of the bush administration, two terms in office, we saw about two million deportations. and then in 2012 alone, nearly -- more than, rather, 400,000 immigrants deported, which is a record high. our next phone call is from mark in new jersey, republican. hi, mark. caller: good morning. i'm also a municipal chair here for the republican committee. i'm al
court arguing under what circumstances the debt of the united states should be paid or could be paid. it gets into really nasty stuff. >> reporter: but veterans of washington's budget battles say the rhetoric jack lew will face will be much nastier than the ultimate outcome. >> the debt ceiling is going to be an ugly fight, perhaps as ugly or even uglier than what we went through at the end of last year, but the real fight is not over the debt ceiling, the real fight is over deficit reduction and the debt ceiling is not a lever that will ultimately be pulled. being treasury secretary over the next couple of years is not going to be an easy job, tom. >> tom: what do we know about lew's background, darren, that could inform us how he may treat the negotiations over the debt ceiling? >> he has been described to me as a pragmatic progressive. he has been around for 25 years in washington, and he has been involved in almost all of the major budget battles. so he is widely respected. he really knows his stuff, and he is seen as a calm but fierce negotiator. >> tom: did he play any role bac
into default. that amendment contained a section stating that the validity of the public and the united states shall not be questioned. at best interpret those words to be authorization for the president to act on his own is to say the least eight tortured reasoning. and as a matter of law, the federal borrowing limit is set by congressional approval. the white house, not as adventurous as the democrats in congress to send that letter. the white house unwilling to take on more than one constitutional amendment and challenge at a time. white house spokesman jay carney today. >> the proposition on the 14th amendment has not changed. let's be clear. congress has the responsibility and the sole authority to raise the debt ceiling. congress must do its job. lou: the administration does appear willing to go around congress to enact at least some gun-control measures. we will be debating tonight the administration's efforts to broaden and control in this country, talking with former birdie campaign president richard a. bourne in constitutional law professor david. vice-president joe biden today met w
and mission. a filming traffic stop made, call for backup, two other police units arrived. when they attempted to exit their vehicles in order to make the arrest the suspect took off in his car, was traveling eastbound on 21st, when he came to south van ness, he struck an innocent vehicle going southbound on vance. vance -- van ness. the vehicle was struck violently into a building, the 29-year-old passenger was killed. her 18-year-old nephew was the driver. he was in critical condition. as of today he's in stable but serious condition but will not be leaving the hospital any time soon. a 26-year-old pedestrian walking by going into the store was also killed by the vehicle when it slammed up against the wall. suspect taken into custody immediately, 19 years old. he is a documented gang member. he is on family probation in san francisco for participating in a street gang. he was on probation and transferred if sa san mateo couy and he was arrested in his group home with the shotgun in his possession. the suspect was then charged three counts of attempted murder, two counts ever murder, one coun
, chief operating officer, of the alternative investments unit. >> yes. >> but that basically was a unit that bet against homeowners paying their mortgage, picked up a nice million-dollar bonus check. citi was bailed out. how's that going to go over? >> that's going to come up. on one hand, you could say, hey, i understand wall street, i understand how it worked. i was in on that, as well. clearly he'll get tough questions. i don't think he's in for a rough ride in the nomination process, confirmation process. it's the treasury secretary the president's going to largely get who he wants. but it's funny because the general response on wall street isn't that he was one of us. it's that he hasn't had much wall street experience. they don't like him that much. they don't feely had has a good sense -- feel he has a good sense of regulation. he's a budgetary wonk, a partisan. it's interesting that wall street isn't that close behind jack lew. although it doesn't matter, wall street doesn't have a seat at this table now. the only game in town is budgetary. yeah, that stuff he did at citigroup w
is here at st. francis in the burn unit. our mother is numb, and still in shock. >> last thing she said to me was mama, can you help me? hold me. he did this to me. >> anita parker says she's been unable to sleep since sunday, her daughter st lamar was burned almost beyond recognition. this was her smoldering sweater on the ground on third street. police say the 25-year-old mother of three was doused with gasoline, then, set on fire by her boyfriend, after an argument at this laundromat. >> i want to be face-to-face with him to hear what -- i want to say to him why he put me through this. why he put her through this? her kids through this? >> 22-year-old dexter oliver is in custody, facing charges of attempted murder and arson. the family tells us they learned he has a criminal history, including domestic violence. >> i feel like i sudden have done something. this is just signs he had, he would have done it sooner or late year oliver is being held in the medical psychiatric unit in county jail, scheduled to be rained to. a law enforcement source tells abc 7 news he has an arrest record
road, a man broke into one of the units carrying what police say was a replica gun, the two struggled and the resident ended up stabbing and killing the intruder. turns out the break-in was a plot designed by the wife and boyfriend, by strong arming him, they were planning to separate because of the affair she was having. >> they started this plot two weeks ago, she provided our suspects, our additional suspect ises wi -- additional suspects keys to the residence. and the plan was put in play. when three individuals, one that is dee ceased now, attempted to burglarize this location. >> police have in custody, the wife, 28-year-old charmaine taijeron and matt parker and charles parker and jimmy salgado, the suspect that was killed was 54-year-old robert lyndsay who was a transient, but they all know each other. now according to police, charles parker, delgado and lyndsay broke in, and the survivi survi suspects are being charged with murder because someone was killed while thebu break in was being committed. >>> it's a big heist worth almost a million bucks and tonight the reward is wo
of the earnings report season in the united states. a kickoff by alcoa, the aluminum maker. this optimism was translated here at the aluminum exchange into rising stock prices, and especially in demand were shares of the german the cap companies. the share index rose to a new record high on his wednesday. alabama we stay for a closer look at wednesday's numbers. -- >> we stay for a closer look at wednesday's numbers. across the atlantic on wall street this hour, let's check that out -- up 5.4%. the euro trading down just a tad against the greenback at a value of $1.3056. peugot says sales dropped last year. the automaker was hit by a drop in demand in europe where it sells about 2/3 of its cars. >> sales across the continent have slid as the eurozone crisis deepens, especially in spain and in italy. the company says it will intensify investment outside of europe and is aiming for half of its sales to come from overseas within two years. >> coming up, scientists are warning that the united states is facing severe drought for years to come. >> first, let's take a look at other stories makin
, that is not acceptable, my friends. [applause] our message to congress is clear. new york is united deliver the aid we need and deserve, do not play politics with the state of new york. do not bring your political washington gridlock to new york. do not play politics while peel -- people need to be back in their homes and small businesses need money to open their door. remember new york because new york will not forget i promise you. [applause] so in closing, what is the state of the state? the answer is my friends, we have work to do. you look at all the initiatives we laid out today you get a sense. we also have a 300 page book we're going to give you as a going away present to read tonight in case you missed any of it. [laughter] the agenda that we lay out today is clearly the most ambition agenda of the three that i've outlined in the state of the states. it was an ambitious government. it is more of a function of the need of the time. we need to do everything we've been doing with the economy, education, etc. we also need to address the plague and scourge of gun violence. we need to address hurri
and the united states but also in europe. worldwide, some 1.5 million cars were purchased in 2012, an increase of almost 12% and a new record. vw subsidiary audi also scored a record, selling 1.4 million high-and cars and posting similar gains. mercedes sales hit a record high as well with 1.3 million cars sold around the world, up almost 5% on the previous year. mercedes, however, finds itself in the slow lane in china. the stuttgart-based company's pour sales were mostly self- afflicted. it had supply chain problems. the parent company says it wants to catch up with bmw and audi and is targeting 2020 as the year it hopes to be back on top of the luxury sector. >> global food prices fell by 7% in 2012 according to the united nations food and agriculture organization, which did its final monthly audit of a basket of food commodities for the end of the year. >> prices for grains surged last summer due to a drought in america. the fao had warned of a potential food crisis, but a combination of international cooperation and falling demand help to ensure the spike was short-lived. still, the fao s
which is 120 units supportive housing project by bridge and community [pao-erpb/]ships. it's a partnership with the mayor's office of housing and the redevelopment successor agency and we're very proud of that project because it's our first affordable physically supportive housing project that is under construction. blocks 6 and 7 the redevelopment successor agency developed 409 market-rate and 150 affordable housing units and they are currently finalizing negotiations on the development agreement with that developer and block 9 the redevelopment agency received three proposals for 550 units with 20% affordable and at the appropriate time i will come back to the board with the results of the bids. with respect to our current costs and schedule status as of november, 20 12 total for phase 1 is $1.6 billion. you can see what has been awarded to-date, committed and incurred through november, 2012. i should note an additional $75 million of contingency is included in the detail lines above. our schedule, we're still on schedule to commence bus operations towards the latter end
transactions would not be blocked by the united states. >> jon: are you (bleep) kidding me? they worked personally with these people to help them -- that is outrageous. i cannot believe our nation's enemies are getting better and more personal bank customer service than i am. i am going to have to transfer to hsbc. we can take solids. at least the hsbc guys they are going to send them up the river to the big house. >> not one person from hsbc will face prosecution. there's no criminal charges against any of the managers or individuals who lewd this to go on. >> jon: yeah, no, obviously river is the big house. by river i mean the same and by big house i mean a mansion on it. [ laughter ] so what is the actual unsatisfying risk punishment here. >> the u.s. government is expected to announce tomorrow that europe's biggest bank hsbc will pay $1.9 billion to settle money laundering charges. >> jon: oh, wow. $1.9 billion. i mean that's going to take them weeks -- [ laughter ] to pay down. why exactly no prosecution? >> the bank's lawyers have argued that a successful prosecution of hsbc could
the cities of the united states. >> that's what i want to address. because newtown absolutely a despicable, unthinkable act. but we've been seeing in cities across the country from chicago to detroit and to your city of philadelphia, which you've been able to bring down some. these kinds of tragedies happening at a smaller, singular level and men like you and women like mayors that are a part of your group have been trying to get the nation's attention on this for some time. and the mayors against illegal guns have called for criminal background checks for gun buyers and assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. >> these are common sense issues. again, it's been said by many, many people. these military assault-type weapons, there's no reason in the world for a civilian to have one of those weapons. they're for law enforcement and the military. the high capacity clips. again, what do you need them for? what possible appropriate use would there be? the national background check system must be upgraded. states, including pennsylvania, need to populate that with the names of those who shou
committee? >> it appear there's has been deep penetration in the halls of our united states government by the muslim brotherhood. >> when will enough be enough? good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. the wheels are in motion for serious solutions to gun violence and the problem in this country. vice president joe biden continues his due diligence. he was joined today by attorney general eric holder and representatives of 12 gun safety groups. they also spoke with survivors of gun massacres like virginia tech and aurora, colorado. their mission is to find a path forward. >> and as the president said, if our actions result in only saving one life, they're worth taking. but i'm convinced we can -- we can effect the well-being of millions of americans and take thousands of people out of harm's way. we are not going to get caught up in the notion unless we can do everything we're going to do nothing. it's critically important we act. >> the vice president is being very clear. common sense gun laws will not be ignored. tomorrow vice president biden will meet with gun a
countries including the united states where folks are willing to -- calling it the winter vomiting bug. there is is no cure. doctors say the virus is in no way related to influenza but they share some things in common. >> it mutates rapidly. it changes, becomes a new strain every year. this year strain brand new strain. twice as many cases it. it sprez extremely rapidly. both the flu and norovirus spread rapidly this already made its way from england over to utah. so you can imagine how fast it's going to spread across the united states. >> this has become the dominant strain of the virus france, belgium and denmark plus japan and new zealand. the suspect accused of committing mass murder in the movie theater was back in court today and people there saw some photos he apparently took before he opened fire. pictures and how the accused gunman finally reacted when he saw them. plus the lottery winner died of cyanide poisoning after hitting it big turns out investigators had some questions questions for his wife. we will explore that with the help of the journalist of fox news on this wed
that was offered of allowing for time to have an empty unit with a bathroom that's private being made public is a reasonable option for us. and for the people living in the building and the owner of the building. >> do you have a motion? >> yeah, i would move that we -- >> just a quick -- so, the time frame -- let's not talk about time frame. you had mentioned 3 to six months. but immediately we could probably organize on each floor in the bedrooms a secondary bathroom to -- could we organize that, henry? >> i wish we could because the room for that bathroom is inland. there is just no way that [speaker not understood] cutting in a door to take that away from the tenant that is in the room with the bathroom is going to be decreasing of the use of it for the tenants. >> rosemary, i have a question for you, too, actually. >> i don't believe when the commission asked mr. karnilowicz if the rooms, the guest rooms that have bathrooms are occupied by residential or tourist residents, whether that was answered. and if they're tourists, if they're shorter term, some of those rooms may become availab
in this case, the major crimes unit, homicide and gang task force has the actual incident that resulted in this death. they're being supported by mission station, ournéj"s÷ patrl units, major accident team and others. on january 5, our officers from southern station, working in collaboration with pg&e were able to make a very outstanding arrest on metal theft from copper wire on folsom street. it sells for $3 a pound. there were hundreds of pounds of metal that were attempting to be stolen. the suspect in custody was michael o'keefer, 55 years old. the officers recovered five high voltage copper wires, and a second suspect evaded police. on january 6, there was an incident i know many of us have heard about also, a very unfortunate incident the other night. a woman in her 20's was severely burned by a boyfriend. suspect was identified as dexter oliver. it happened in the area of hollister street and jennings. suspect had thrown ignitable liquid onto the victim's body causing severe burns. victim was transported to san francisco hospital burn center where she is now actually suffering
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 298 (some duplicates have been removed)